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Why Acadian?

Dedication, innovation and heart—these are the driving forces behind Acadian Ambulance’s commitment to excellence in medical care. As the largest employee-owned medical transportation company in the nation, we serve more than 20 million residents across Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Acadian seeks individuals who believe in our mission of customer service, are enthusiastic about impacting the lives of others and who want to join a culture of innovation, dedication and growth.

Acadian offers more than a rewarding career—we offer a great lifestyle! Enjoy the food and music of Austin and Memphis, the performing arts and pro sports in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, the food and festivals in Lafayette and New Orleans, football in Baton Rouge, or the hunting and fishing in Houma.

If you are interested in joining our team, browse our current opportunities by location or position.


Exceptional Pay, Benefits and Equipment

Acadian is dedicated to providing our employee-owners with excellent compensation and benefits packages. In 2019, our EMTs earned an average of almost $39,000 per year and our paramedics earned an average of more than $60,000.

We know that to have the best medics, we need to provide the best equipment available. Our fleet of 600 ambulances features the most modern vehicles and up-to-date medical equipment available. We also have units for specialized missions, including critical care, bariatric and pediatric transports.

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Career Paths and Training

A key advantage of being on the Acadian team is our in-house education and training facilities. The National EMS Academy offers our medics extensive professional education to advance their skills and careers.

Because Acadian Companies comprises six divisions, we are able to offer diverse career path possibilities to our medics. Whether you are furthering your education or transferring your skills, you have many opportunities to grow and advance within the company. The longer you stay with Acadian, the more your retirement and ESOP balances grow, securing a comfortable future for you and your family.

EMTs and paramedics can advance their career and move around through Acadian by becoming:

  • Remote paramedics
  • Flight paramedics and RNs
  • Quality improvement coordinators
  • Operations supervisors
  • Business development coordinators
  • Customer relations supervisors
  • Health, safety and environmental consultants
  • Safety specialists
  • Education coordinators
  • EMT and paramedic instructors


When you join Acadian, you become much more than an employee—you become an owner. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows our employee-owners to align our actions and attitudes with the principles of ownership, which strengthens the foundation of our company and promotes continued growth.


The communities we serve are diverse and rich with opportunity. At Acadian, we are determined to lead, not follow, when it comes to embracing diversity. We understand that diversity is critical to our success. We are focused on a non-discriminatory and inclusive workplace. We value flexible and part-time work arrangements and creative responses to the demands of our challenging work schedules. At Acadian, we strive to hire a variety of qualified applicants with diverse backgrounds and a broad range of skill sets.


Innovation at Acadian comes from the people who know our patients and clients best—our employees. Our client solutions are not generated from one person in an office, but from hundreds of our employees who work diligently to care for patients and clients in innovative ways and stay at the forefront of medical and technological advancements.


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